Sunday, October 31, 2010

Joe's Spank Me Time Vol 2

Amy Sedaris

Look for Amy Sedaris' new book this Tuesday.

Simple Times: Crafts for Poor People

Slut Pride!

I’m a slut. and baring all the negative connotations, it’s the best word I can use to describe myself sexually. However I wonder if my own comfort level with sex is a turn off? I’d like to think it has more to do with who a person is. But maybe there is an unconscious difference I am unaware of. The only difference I notice is that I get taken for granted sometimes. I’m usually not a first round pick. I like to think of my role as a solid Plan B. All was cool until a friend of mine described his new crush by saying:

“He’s untainted and innocent. And in the end, isn’t that what we all want?”

This got me thinking. I don't agree but I wonder if it’s true for everyone else. Do you find innocence attractive? Or a better question is: When you met your partner, was he more or less sexually experienced then you? I’m curious to hear anyones thoughts.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Fun Underwear!

 I love fun underwear! By definition a pair of fun underwear is usually not as comfortable as they are cute. My favorite brand is Andrew Christian (also know for being a contestant on the Bravo reality show The Fashion Show) He makes great underwear that are designed to make your ass and dick look it's best. Also try out his swim suits! To me, fun underwear is gay specific. Mostly because gay men love underwear parties. When choosing a pair for an underwear party, follow these simple guidelines:
First, Don't wear white briefs. Although they are a classic American staple, solid white briefs only look good on models. On the average man they look more like a diaper. Even if you have a great body, you better be nice and tan because pure white will always make you look extra pasty. Second, Fit is everything. Nothing makes my dick go limp then to see a man walk away with saggy underwear. They should be fit and tight. When in doubt, go a size smaller to show off the curve of your ass. Remember, fun underwear is for looks, not comfort. Third, Have fun. Don't take life to seriously. Try and find undies with cute colors and patterns that make a statement...and make sure that statement is "take me home with you." One of my favorite pairs is covered in small images of Madonna! (from her Vogue video) Another pair has a built in cock pouch to lifts my balls up.     

Some final thoughts. With regard to fit, I find briefs difficult to wear because they never look good on me. Briefs look best on a man with a nice round bubble butt. I find square cut boxer briefs to be the most universally attractive.  My other favorite is a jock strap. Jocks look good on EVERYONE! If you have a great ass, a jock will highlight it's best features. If you have no ass, the straps work as a frame to define it. The one thing to always remember about wear a jock at an underwear party is that it's gives people the ability to play with your ass. Personally, I that's why I wear one, but if you don't want that kind of attention, then you should leave it at home.  In conclusion, fun underwear should make you look good, boost your confidence, and get you laid.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

What I'm Listneing To at the Moment

 I came home last night around 11pm and spent the next 4 hours on Itunes. Most of the time was spent uploading old CDs. Some of the songs I haven't heard in years and it was a joy to bring them back into my life, However, I did download a couple new songs. Shontelle's newest song Perfect Nightmare and Rihanna's Only Girl(In the world) . Shontelle, you may know from her first single Impossible, which is a beautiful song that comes highly recommend. and you can never go wrong with Rihanna. The funny thing is, if you listens to the lyrics of both Rihanna and Shontelle they both tell a similar story. And for those of you who know me well, I swear that I chose these song because they had a good beat and not for the lyrics. (Which I may or may not identify with...)

Monday, October 25, 2010

America's Next Top Model

Tyra's is on Cycle 15! Can you believe there has been 15 season's of that lovable trainwreck show? This season features Andre' Leon Talley, Vogue Magazine's Editor at Large. This is shocking only because Talley is a legit fashion big-wig. He's also a huge flaming homo who wears custom made designer ponchos. That being said, I figured I'd take a walk down memory lane and compile a list of all the previous winner. Most of whom you've probably forgotten about.

 Cycle 1 Winner Adrianne Curry



Cycle 2 Winner Yoanna House (My Personal Favorite) 

Cycle 3 Winner Eva Pigford
Cycle 4 Winner Naima Mora
Cycle 5 Winner Nicole Linkletter

 Cycle 6 Winner Danielle Evans
 Cycle 7 Winner Caridee English
 Cycle 8 Winner Jaslene Gonzalez
 Cycle 9 Winner Saleisha Stowers
 Cycle 10 Winner Whitney Thompson
 Cycle 11 Winner Mckey Sullivan
 Cycle 12 Winner Teyona Anderson
Cycle 13 Winner Nicole Fox

Cycle 14 Winner Krista White

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Lisa Marie Presley on Oprah (10/21/2010) part 2/3

Lisa Marie was on Oprah last week. She really openned up and therefore it was a surprisingly good interview. In a weird way I actually identified with some of what she said. She talks about Michael Jackson as if he was a drug that gave her a great "high." If you happen to catch it on a re-run it's worth a watch. Although you have to try and ingnore the 10lbs of eye makeup she has on.

The Urban Dictionary Word of the Day


1. An illegal mexican immigrant that resembles Dora the Explorer (a popular star on T.V. who speaks her native tongue to all those stupid viewers)
2. A hispanic whore. An adult Dora the Explorer.

mexican whore...THAT RESEMBLES DORA!


Saturday, October 23, 2010

Joe's Spank Me Time Vol 1

Apparently I need to start watching football...naked. I've got pre-cum starting to drip and I have these fine athletes to thank. Just think, maybe they see each other in the shower and need extra help soaping up the deep crack of their ass.

God Bless America!
I need to go jerk off.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Triwa Watches



The website is sort of annoying to navigate, but definatly worth a look. My favorites are the Coral Flamingo and the Sterling Chrono.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Trainwreck Fashion

As Christian Seriano said, some celeb's can be a "Hot Tranny Mess" and I love it. Nothing is more fun then seeing a a trainwreck fashion moment. Sometimes the look is straight off the runway and totally inappropriate for real people. That was the case for Madonna (see below) who wore a dress and head piece straight from Marc Jacob's show for Louis Vuitton. It looked fierce on the runway, but now Madonna just looks like a bizarre bunny rabit. Others, like Madame' Gaga, just look for the shock value of wearing meat head to toe. All in all I applaud these looks. Thanks for keeping fashion fun and interesting.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Why wait until January 1st to make a resolution? The following are my new Love Resolutions.

I vow to stop falling for men with a partner.

If you are not into me, I will not be into you

I have wonderful friends, but I need to focus on and find more that are single

I vow to stop falling for men with a partner

Learn from Sara...I will be more outgoing and ignore past disappointment. Forge ahead!

My new mantra is:  FUCK THAT I'M FANTASTIC!

Monday, October 18, 2010


They say a picture can be worth a thousand words. So instead of going on and on about my weekend in Canada, this picture says it all. Enjoy!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

What's Your Theme Song?

When I was in college we used to do "Guess the Straight Person" panels. It was a learning exercise created to break down stereotypes in the gay community. The basic concept is you have a mix of gay and straight people and the audience must guess based on asking questions and physical appearance. One of the best questions I was ever asked was "What's your theme song?" It's a really good question. Music has always been extremely important to me. When I am feeling depressed nothing turns things around like an upbeat Madonna dance mix. Conversely, Pink's song "Glitter in the Air" once caused me to have an emotional break down while driving home. It still stirs emotions when I hear it. My personal theme song is still the same song I answered the question with 8 years ago. "Video" by India Arie.

What's Your Theme Song?

India.Arie - Video

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Google Gone Wrong

Originally my plan for this post was going to be about how the last several (and current) men I fell in love with are all in relationships. So that started a Google image search for a picture depicting a gay love triangle or some other triad type image. Sounds pretty simple right? I was not able to find anything that fit the described situation. So I bring to you instead the fucked up journey through my findings:

When Searching For:

Gay 3rd Wheel

3 Gay Men

In Love With A Married Man

Jealous Boyrfriend

and of course...

Gay Triad